The Inland Baseball Umpires Association is actively seeking applicants for membership to begin officiating the sport of Baseball at the High School level. There are no specific requirements for becoming a member of the I.B.U.A., other than an appreciation of the game of baseball, a desire to learn the officiating profession and an interest in helping youth of all ages. Prior experience as an umpire, while helpful, is not required. We generally hold 9 to 10 Meetings a year starting in late January. Clinics and Training for new members will start in January prior to the start of the high school season and will continue through April. Please check our Training page for scheduled dates and times. New members are required to attend all meetings and Training Clinics beginning in late January. Members who participate in the training classes will be eligible to officiate sub-varsity high school games. As new members gain experience, they will be assigned to high school varsity games at various levels. Umpires transferring from other chapters or states may be assigned high school varsity games depending on their level of experience and performance, as determined by the chapter's executive board.